After an incredible showcase in 2015, Putrajaya International Islamic Arts & Culture Festival (PIIACUF) 2016 is set to return to Putrajaya for another amazing, knowledge-filled experience. Bearing its theme “Glorious Textiles of the Islamic World” PIIACUF 2016 which will be held from 1st – 4th December 2016 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) will grant an opportunity to members of the public to walk through a spectacular exhibition and partake in the festival’s fun and educational activities. PIIACUF 2016 will also host forums and performances by international participants.

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Glorious Textiles of the Islamic World Exhibition

PIIACUF 2016, proudly presents a unique and varied range of intricate textiles using skills and techniques such as embroidery, weaving and ‘ikat’. Fine textile made of cotton, wool, linen and silk were commonly traded that they were so precious to become a form of currency. Textiles were and are still a vital economic component of Islamic civilization that symbolizes artistic expressions of Islamic history and culture.

The exhibition will display the finest example of fabrics, including rare example of traditional Muslim & Mughal clothing dated from the early Islamic civilization up to the present time. Also available for display is the Collection of Royal Head-dress (Tengkolok) which Malay Rulers have worn as part of their regalia. The Head-dress have different styles of folding depending on the tradition of the royal family of the particular state.

The exhibition will also feature the Replica of Prophet Adam’s Robe (the biggest robe in the world) originated from Saudi Arabia which took 18 days to be completed measuring at 29 metres tall. The robe was made realized by 5 Saudi’s designers by using 40 rolls of cloth and 30,000 thread rolls.


In 2015, one of the showpiece of the festival that gained phenomenal attention was the beautiful Kyrgyz Yurt – a portable, round, tent-like dwelling used by nomadic folks of the Kyrgyz, one of the world’s most ancient people. Designers and makers of the Yurt, journeyed to Putrajaya from Kyrgyzstan to erect the 20-foot diameter tent. PIIACUF 2016, once again bring back the Yurt to Putrajaya for those who missed it last year and wanted to spend some time walking in and around it. The yurt exhibition helps gain understanding of how others developed an infrastructure that’s almost in complete opposite to the one we know.

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International Pavillion

PIIACUF further strengthened its credentials as one of the foremost meeting point for Islamic arts and cultural exchange and interaction by welcoming 6 nternational participants including Oman, Kuwait, Brunei, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Iran. Meanwhile, Malaysia will be represented by Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu. These countries will be housed in International Pavilion presenting an impressive and comprehensive spectrum of Islamic arts & cultures through exhibitions, demos, performances and business activities.

Cultural Performances

With the fact that Muslims live in many different countries and communities, PIIACUF brings together performances by Islamic states and countries dedicated to promoting Islamic cultural and arts performances. Check out exclusive performances by international performers from Oman, Kuwait, Brunei, Indonesia, Uzbek, Iran and local performers from Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor, Kedah, Pahang.

Handmade Market and Arts & Crafts Demo

Handmade Market is a platform initiated by Persatuan Seni Jahitan Kreatif (PSJK), or The Association of Creative Sewing Art of Malaysia, in partnership with Pusat Latihan Kraftangan Epal (Epal), with the aim to enhance the economic level of households, single mothers, underprivileged groups and people with special needs by generating their own income. PIIACUF 2016, housed a total of 50 handmade maker selling handmade products including batik handbags, wall decorations, and sandals. It’s even more interesting due to the fact that some of the products are made from recycled materials to increase awareness on the value of used goods.

Apart from the handmade market, visitors will have the opportunity to watch skilled craftspeople work about their craft and get hands-on experience in craft making during the arts & crafts demo.

Why Exhibit

A leading Islamic Arts and Cultural event in Malaysia and with only handful of other events from around the world with similar magnitude.

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