Putrajaya International Islamic Arts & Culture Festival 2015

The Treasures of The Silk Road & The Spice Route (29 Oct - 8 Nov 2015)

The highlight of this year’s festival portray the glorious history of the Silk Road and the Spice Route. The key elements are being specially presented in the Exhibition featuring the Treasures of the Silk Road and the Spice Route .It testifies that Islam is a constructive religion as it redefines the lifestyle of everyone it touches. Islam has brought about the age of discovery into the various disciplines of the sciences and technology as well as art and literature. As a result, Islam has enriched the various cultures that it comes into contact with. Read more

The marriage between Islam and the sciences had led to the birth of Muslim scholars and intellectuals who were multi skilled in that they were not only scholastic in their religious knowledge of Islam but they were also scientists. The spread of Islam was achieved through trading that was already in existence since the 3rd Century along the Overland Silk Road and the Maritime Spice Route.

It demonstrates that Islam is truly a religion of peace and high tolerance and it transcends color and creed. There was no compulsion and occupation in Islam. There was assimilation of Islamic principles and practices into the various cultures.

It came down in history that while the West was in the Dark Age, the East was going through a great civilization.

To support this main exhibition there are other exhibitions such as:

1- The Haramain ; An exhibition of the two holy Masjids of Mekah Mukaramah and Madina Munawarah
2- Calligraphy exhibition from IRCICA Turkey and Al Quran Mushhaf Malaysia from Yayasan Restu
3- Keris ( Daggers) from Nusantara

Because of the overwhelming success from previous years’ festival, various edutainment and living activities have been included in the programme such as Islamic Fashion Show, Aulad zone for children’s interactive activities ,cultural performances from within Malaysia and various regions of the Islamic World, bazaar souq, International Islamic Book Expo ,Islamic Buskers corner PIIACUF Drum Circle and various demonstrations on art and craft such as calligraphy ,textile and etc Close

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