Glorious Textiles of The Islamic World Exhibition


Perdana Hall


1~11 December 2016


9am - 11pm

PIIACUF 2016, proudly presents a unique and varied range of intricate textiles using skills and techniques such as embroidery, weaving and ‘ikat’. Fine textile made of cotton, wool, linen and silk were commonly traded that they were so precious to become a form of currency. Textiles were and are still a vital economic component of Islamic civilization that symbolizes artistic expressions of Islamic history and culture.

The exhibition will display the finest example of fabrics, including example of traditional Muslim, Mughal and Persian clothing dated from the early Islamic civilization up to the present time. Also available for display is the Collection of Royal Head-dress (Tengkolok) which Malay Rulers have worn as part of their regalia. The Head-dress have different styles of folding depending on the tradition of the royal family of each particular state.